So the ironic part is that all throughout my middle school and high school years, the subject that I disliked the most was English. I hated writing papers. I would rather do a couple lessons of math than write a paper. However, something must have snapped because starting my freshman year of college, I started writing these papers. They weren’t long (ranging from one to three pages) and they were never required; I just wrote them for fun. I would write about events that happened or anything and everything that I thought of. I labeled them “Thoughts” and kept them in a folder on my computer until I have now amassed over one hundred and fifty of them. While I was writing them, I would occasionally mention them to several of my close friends. After a number of them suggested that I publish them, I have decided to give in and create this blog. I always enjoyed it when one of my friends would write a response to one of my writings or bring up in conversation something they thought of after they read it. The reason that I shared these “thoughts” with my friends is the same reason I am creating this blog. I want this to be an open dialog between the readers and myself. So please feel free to use the comment section below each post.

As for myself, I’m not sure what to say. I am currently studying Business Management at Ohio Christian University. I love to play sports, and I love anything to do with tech. I also enjoy playing several instruments, doing a couple magic tricks, spending time with family, listening to podcasts, and reading books when I can find the time. As you will probably find out in my writings, I am a very logical person and I’m also a self prescribed “rebellious introvert.”

I hope my musings/ramblings amuse, entertain, or inspire you.

Nathan Driver

Me Cropped
Me, Myself, and I









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